5 Essential Photography Gear to Bring On a Trip
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5 Essential Photography Gear to Bring On a Trip

5 Essential Photography Gear to Bring On a Trip 

Photographers are always traveling. They are always in the hunt for scenic locations and landscapes. Photo trips and tours are one of the things they surely love doing. Not only do they get to capture new and unique photos, but they also get to meet other photographers as well. Sometimes those trips are even spontaneous! Being in the world of photography entails investment not just in time, but also in equipment. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, especially if you are just starting your photography journey. It’s okay to start with basic and simple gears. You can eventually improve it over time. That is why having tested and durable “go-to” gears are important for photographers. There are instances when you tend to forget small yet important gears or tools. But don’t worry! In this blog, you’ll know the 5 essential photography gear to bring on a trip.

Traveling the extra mile would be a lot convenient and easy for you if you just bring the essential photo gears. Of course, you don’t want to bring your whole house with you and carry it around. You have to pack wisely and weigh which one should be best to bring around on a trip. A photography trip gear is as important as your passport when you go on tour. Hence, you need to remember these essential photo gears and do not forget about them!

This article will serve as a basic guide and a checklist for you. It is both for novice and professional photographers. Some of the essential photography gear that are listed here could be familiar or unknown to you. However, it is something that you would surely need if want to capture great photos.

So if you want to find out the 5 essential photography gear to bring on a trip, then just keep on reading!

What to Bring: 5 Essential Photography Gear to Bring On a Trip

1. Travel camera bag or photographer’s bag

The first thing you have to consider when traveling with your photo equipment is security. Since you will be bringing them around with you most of the time, investing in a high-quality bag is important. It should be a durable and water-resistant bag. It is one of the essential photo gears because it is where you will be housing your equipment. If you are looking for a reliable bag ideal for traveling, Thinktank camera bags are for you. They have a wide range of backpacks, cases, and camera-carrying accessories. So, if you want to have that efficient and accessible kind of bag, go check out their products.

2. Camera and at least one lens

It is like the most basic yet essential photography trip gear that you should never forget when you travel. There are different kinds and brands of cameras out there depending on your budget. If you are a newbie, you don’t have to purchase a high-end camera right away. You can start by purchasing simple ones. Research for different cameras, or you can rent a camera for a day, and then test it out so you know which one is best for you.

Other cameras come with a lens that is sold as a package. There are some sold with just the camera body, and you need to buy the lens separately. Lenses are relatively expensive. The prices depend on the capacity and range of the lens. Buy something that you can use for both portrait and landscape. Eventually, if you have extra money, try investing in prime lenses.

The Fujifilm XT4 camera and lenses can capture high-quality photos as other high-end DSLR cameras. It is smaller and cheaper, but can still give you the quality you need in your photography journey.

3. Compact tripod

It is one of the 5 essential gear to bring on a trip since you will be needing this for stability. This is the favorite accessory of most photographers, especially for landscape views. The quality of the photos is really just better when you use tripods instead of your hands. It reduces the vibration and movement, thus, creating sharper images. Leofoto tripods have a variety of versatile tripods that suit your needs. If you are planning to purchase one, you can check them out.

4. Lens filters

There are three lens filters that most photographers use to enhance the quality of their photos. They are UV, Polarizer, and Neutral Density (ND) filters. This blog will explain each of those essential photography gear.

The UV lens filter is the simplest and is commonly purchased among the three. This serves as a protection from the scratches that are most likely to happen to the lens when you are out shooting. It also protects your lens against the harmful rays of the sun. Polarizer, on the other hand, enhances the contrast and color by removing the flares especially in photographing reflective surfaces. Lastly, the ND filter is somewhat similar to the polarizer. It tones down the harsh light. You will need this to prevent overexposure in your shots.

You have to remember that each of those filters is used depending on your subject. But, if you are thinking of purchasing any of those, check out Nisi Filter. They have the best lens filter for your camera.

5. Multiple memory cards

You will surely need this photo trip gear to capture lots of photos on your trip. So, you need to prepare not just one, but many memory cards. This will let you shoot freely without worrying about the storage limitation. When you purchase a memory card, make sure that it is capable of storing large files. Also, consider choosing something that can survive the extreme environment because you will surely need that in your travels.

Those are just the 5 essential photography gear to bring on a trip. Not everyone has them, but for you to efficiently capture the views and subject, you will need to invest in those. However, it doesn’t mean that you should purchase them now. You can save and gradually buy them one by one. They are worth every money you spend, especially if you consider photography as an art and passion.

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