5 Unusual Locations for Milky Way Photography
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5 Unusual Locations for Milky Way Photography

Milky Way Photography in Exotic Destinations

Photography is something that most people commonly enjoy doing. Although photography subjects differ from person to person, pictures still serve the same purpose for everyone. It is concrete memorabilia not only of experiences and adventures but also sceneries and places. Some people are even willing to travel the extra mile just to take photos with the most common subjects being night skies and stars. For years, professional photographers already perfected the skills of taking pictures of the Milky Way. These professionals already know these 5 best unusual locations for photographing Milky Way.

Unfortunately, no matter how good you are or your camera, you still need to be in a proper place to have that unique photo. You should know by now that photographing the Milky Way entails more than just skills and equipment. You also need a good location. Photographing the Milky Way requires a vast and clear view of the night sky. So, it will not be possible if you are living in cities or areas filled with infrastructure.

This blog features five different spots around the world where you have the best view of the night sky. So before you pack your luggage and start exploring, I’ll give you these 5 unusual locations to do milky way photography. You’ll finally get that photo you’ve always wanted like pros!

1. Capturing Milky Way in Spain Tenerife

Tenerife Island is located in Spain, opposite the northwestern Coast of Africa. It is considered the largest of the Canary Islands. June is the start of the summer in Tenerife. For those who love sunbathing, you’ll surely get a lot of that when you visit during this month. Hence, the reason why most people enjoy visiting the island more within those days.

Aside from the heat of the sun that you’ll most likely get during daytime, you’ll also witness a fuller view of a starry night sky. Almost all of the constellations are visible in Tenerife! Aside from the Milky Way, you can also see the Summer Triangle. It happens when three bright stars form at the top part of the sky. This place is perfect not only for those who want to take unique photos but also to those who want an unforgettable stargazing experience. Photographing the Milky Way at Tenerife in June is surely a treat for both amateurs and professionals – whether you’re a photographer or just an ordinary traveler.


2. Shooting Milky Way in Inner Mongolia Grassland in Autumn

This is a province located in Northern China with various tourist attractions. You can find large areas of desert and grassland in this place. Some of the famous lakes can also be found here. You can visit during summer as the grassland and plains are best seen during that season.

However, if you want to witness that dreamy view of the night sky, it is best to visit during autumn. The grasslands are brighter during this season; thus, you’ll get a clearer view to do milky way photography. Inner Mongolia is one of the best locations to photograph the Milky Way. You will be able to capture the majestic view in the most picturesque way.


3. Milky Way Photography – Lake Baikal in March

Photo Credit: https://mspoweruser.com/
Photo Credit: https://mspoweruser.com/

It is located in Russia near the Mongolian Border. It is also called the “Pearl of Siberia” or the “Sacred Sea.” Tourists around the world travel to Russia just to see this majestic lake, especially during winter. When the lake freezes over, a crystal-clear sheet of ice forms. Through that, you’ll have a glimpse of what the underwater lake looks like.

In March, when the lake is still frozen, you’ll also witness the vast view of the sky like no other. Away from the city’s hustle, bustle, and artificial lights, you’ll get to experience and witness that starry night sky making Lake Baikal one of the 5 unusual locations to photograph the Milky Way. At Lake Baikal, you can get that Pinterest-worthy shot of the Milky Way. It’ll give you a whole different level of beauty as it reflects on the frozen ice lake.


4. Upper Peninsula of Michigan in April

Photo Credit: https://www.michigan.org/


If you are a person who loves going on adventures and activities with nature, you’ll surely enjoy this place. You can explore the forest, lakes, and lighthouses. If you want to take a break and try some activities during the winter season, you can go skiing in the Upper Peninsula.

This place is also a great site for Milky Way photography! You can enjoy a beautiful view of the night sky here. However, there’s just one basic rule to remember when you visit the Upper Peninsula to watch the night sky: The darker the place, the better. That’s why if you want to witness the Milky Way there, the best time to visit is in April. It is one of the peak months where you will most likely see not just the Milky Way but also the Northern Lights. It’s an added bonus since you do not need to go all the way to Alaska just to see the iconic Aurora Borealis. You’ll see that right there!

5. Trona Pinnacles from June to August

Photo Credit: https://photography.nealgrosskopf.com/


Trona Pinnacles is located in Southern California, the region of Mojave Desert. Some of the sci-fi films and shows feature this place because of its “out of the world” landscapes. The structure of the pinnacles is called tufa. It makes the place look like an extraterrestrial area. Perhaps it is because of this strange beauty that earned Trona Pinnacles a spot on these 5 unusual locations for Milky Way photography.

Although this location is not as totally dark compared to other sites, you can still witness the Milky Way in all its glory. However, you can opt to visit the place from June to August, for a better view. Don’t forget to bring lots of water, though, because it will be so hot there during those months.

These are some of the places around the world that you can go to if you want to try milky way photography. These locations to photograph the Milky Way will also let you experience epic adventures and new cultures. Prepare to be mesmerized for the moment you’ll see the exceptional view of the stars, night sky, and moon. Surely, everything will be worth your time and expenses. Not to mention you’ll have the best experience in photographing the Milky Way too!

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