How to survive a long haul flight
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How to survive a long haul flight

Survive a long haul flight for more than 12 hours

More than 12 hours in a stuffed airplane can be a bad experience for you. Almost all people get bored and most will try to find something that can entertain them on board. If you are going to experience this type of flight soon, my suggestion is to overcome the long haul flight by doing little but vital preparation. If you are going on a long trip on a plane like this, here are some of the best tips to get rid of this boring long haul flight time and remain refreshed, relaxed, and ready for your upcoming adventures. 

Useful Tips from personal experience:

Wear comfortable clothes:

A comfortable clothing can be a good companion in this annoying time. So, take those clothes that you can wear for more than 12 hours and remain happy and satisfied. Please remember, tight fitting clothes can be uncomfortable and disturbing because you have to sit for more than 12 hours. Therefore, wearing loose clothing with cotton fabric is good for the skin. I always pack a disposable slipper from my last hotel stay and use it on the long haul flight.

Book a good seat:

It is one of the essential tips for long haul flights because a good seat matters the most in any long flight travel. Choose a good seat even if you have to pay a bit of extra dollars, especially a window seat. Sites like SeatGuru and SeatExpert are a godsend. These sites provide users with a whole load of information regarding the seats on a plane. You will get to know how much seat space you have and whether you have a charging port. There are also some important points in choosing the best place for long haul flights. These simple points are given below:

  • If you need more space for your legs, choose seats in the exit row.
  • To avoid child screaming and want to avoid their crying, don’t choose it from the front seats because there is always a special provision for babies in the front seats on international flights.
  • If you want to move in the middle of the flight or want quick access to the restroom then book an aisle seat.

Prepare yourself for sleep:

Always carry a lightweight blanket and a soft, traveling pillow, eye mask and soft ear plug with you during a long haul flight because you might have to spend a whole day or a night in an airplane. So, be prepared for a sound sleep because it will also make you energizing for your next journey. So you don’t need to envy other passengers who have a good sleep mask and a pair of earplugs, as you are prepared for it as well.

Don’t carry too much hand carry luggage:


It is true that a little extra stuff can be very useful and in case you need them for the flight. But, it can also cause some serious problem for you because this extra stuff is difficult to handle and carry on board the plane. Especially, if the flight is full, and there is luggage limitation for hand carry. It can be very annoying for you if the overhead luggage compartment is overloaded, and you have to place your hand carry faraway from you. It would be best to take only one small sized cabin bag or a shoulder bag with you while on a long haul flight.

Take extra snacks to munch on the long distance flight:

Snacks can prove to be your best partner on the long haul flight, especially when you have nothing to do. On the aircraft, the choices of snacks are pretty limited and services may not be as prompt as you wish. As the meals are serve in pre-plan flight hours, preparing some snacks can helps you to overcome irregular hunger. Some of my favorite snacks are chocolate bar, and nuts with raisins. You can try them.

Move around the plane:

If you need to roam around in the plane to stretch your muscles, aisle seat is the best choice for you. It would be good to constantly stretch your legs and muscles in a long haul flight. One of the reason is to prevent developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Do gentle exercise at your seat like rotating your head, or raising your feet off ground while sitting will help. Altenatively, you can move around in the plane to circulate blood flow in your legs properly.

Stay hydrated, drink lots of water:

Staying hydrated is very important. The flight are often very dry due to the air circulation, so you will be dehydrated in no time. Grab yourself a bottle of water before boarding the plane. so that , you can drink plenty of water at your convenience. Try to avoid alcohol on the plane, as the air in an aircraft is very dry. You may become dehydrated much faster than you would as compare on the ground.

Be Relaxed and try to sleep while on the long haul flight:

Remain relax and happy. Read that book you wish reading for a long time, or watch the blockbuster movies that you missed. Just think about your upcoming destination and what are you going to do when you arrive. Lastly, try to sleep and prepare yourself for the holiday. By doing this, time will pass speedily, and your long haul flight will immediately become a positive thing.

Make new friends while on the plane:

If you are as talkative like me,  engage in conversation with interesting people on board and make new friends from round the world. These long haul flights are an excellent opportunity to meet strangers from all parts of the world. You may find common interest or local knowledge through these conversations. Maybe, if you are lucky enough, you may meet your true love on the plane. (Just kidding.)

Choose a good airline for long haul flight:

The first step to decides the comfort and luxury in your long haul flight is to choose a good airline. It really matters that the airline you have chosen is good or bad. A good airline will have more comfortable services and seats. You can do some research online and read flight reviews before you book. See what other passengers think of this airline that you are going to book. 

These are the best and useful tips to overcome a long haul flight. These tips will help you to make your flight journey slightly better and more enjoyable.

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