Brazil, Iguazu Falls

Brave The Currents In Brazil, Iguazu Falls

Delicately balanced on the Argentina-Brazil border, the Iguazu Falls is a sight that will still pull at your heartstrings even long after you’ve left it behind.

Formed by an explosive volcanic eruption, the Iguazu Falls stand at an impressive height of 82 metres (269 ft.), granting it the title of the world’s largest waterfall.

Most of the falls are situated in Argentina, whereas most of the Iguazu River runs through Brazil. Right on the Argentina-Brazil border lies one of Iguazu Falls’ most notable waterfalls- the Devil’s Throat.

Spanning across more than 80 metres (260 ft.) in width and with frothy water gushing over a drop of more than 70 metres (230 ft.), the Devil’s Throat is truly a delight to behold.

Traveling Tips to Iguazu

For those planning a trip to Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls, here are a few handy tips for you to beat the crowds and get good shots of the amazing view.

Ideally, travellers should spend at least 3 days and 2 nights on their trip to falls, with one night being spent in Brazil, and the other in Argentina.

Flights to both countries are typically not difficult to book, and once you arrive, there’s plenty of public and private transportation options in the area to help you get to your accommodation.

With the falls being surrounded by swathes of national park reserves on either side, the best accommodation travellers can get is within the reserves themselves.

However, with only one hotel in each country’s national park, travellers may not have much in way of choice, but what they lack is easily made up for by the advantage of being able to reach the falls easily while also avoiding the flocks of tourists.

Hotels in Iguazu Falls

Travellers interested in these options could check out Belmond Hotel das Cataratas in Brazil, and Sheraton Iguazú Spa & Resort in Argentina.

However, for less costly accommodation, visitors can turn to the many inns and hotels outside of the reserve, many of which can be booked in advance via calls or through online portals.

Although these accommodation choices may not be as conveniently located as the aforementioned, travellers can still beat the crowd by leaving for their destination earlier than planned.

After a day’s worth of sightseeing, visitors travelling to the other side of the falls can plan for a smooth 1.5-hour car journey across the border. To avoid any delays, travellers are advise to prepare all necessary travel documents beforehand.

Photography Tips

While booking the photography trips for beginners, it may also be worthwhile to keep an eye out for weather forecasts of the area, as rainy days typically make the journey more difficult and less enjoyable.

Photographers may also be inconvenience, as the weather can affect the visions they’ve have in mind for their shots.

One of the challenges unique to photography enthusiasts would be the constant spray of water from the falls, as the camera lenses would require drying and cleaning before every shot.

Besides that, the Iguazu Falls are also always chock-full of tourists, making it difficult to find a suitable position to place a tripod.

Don’t let that deter you from visiting this lovely site though. From its mystical beauty to the sheer exhilaration you get from standing at the very edge of the platform, the experience of visiting Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is something that will be forever etched into memory, an adventure that will be undoubtedly be retold time and time again to family and friends alike.


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