Brazil, Rio Samba Carnival

Groove To The Rhythm In Brazil, Rio Samba Carnival

Dance the days away in a flurry of spectacular performances, catchy samba music, and a grand celebration of Brazilian culture. Of course, we’re talking about none other than the world’s biggest festival – the Rio Samba Carnival!

Currently attracting over 2 million visitors per day, the carnival’s humble roots can be trace back to the year 1840. Inspired by the Portuguese celebration, Entrudo, the very first Rio Carnival ball had performers dance the waltz and polka. It was only much later, in the year 1917, when the samba was introduced, where it has since remained at the forefront of the festival.


Festival Facts You need To Know

Officially beginning at 9 PM in the evening and often continuing until the wee hours of the morning, the Rio Samba Carnival is a parade comprised of stunning performances by many different samba schools. To enjoy the show, visitors can either purchase their own tickets or join a tour that includes the incredible experience.

Before the parade begins, party-goers can also celebrate by joining the many wild parties in the streets, called blocos. Occasionally attracting up to 100,000 merrymakers at once, blocos are a big part of the celebrations and a great way to meet the locals. At any given hour, there will be a bloco happening, and the best part is: no invitation is necessary. So party away!

If you’re thinking of joining in on the fun, here’s some useful travel tips that you might like to know.

Travel Tips to Rio Samba Carnival

For travellers who can’t stay for the entirety of the festival, it’s recommended that they stay instead for at least four nights, which should be just enough time for them to fully experience everything the carnival has to offer.

Although there are regular flights to Brazil, we recommend advance booking to avoid price increases and overbooking. Transportation-wise, the most common options travellers have are taxis and buses, both of which are widely available. However, do keep in mind that the celebrations take place across a huge area, so those unwilling to brave the wild crowds of Brazil on foot might have to prepare to spend a little extra on transport.

As for food, Brazil is home to all kinds of exotic options, from the superfood acai to roasted chicken hearts. Generally reasonably priced, these delicacies can sway even the pickiest of eaters, so get ready to be blown away.

One last tip: while packing for Brazil, do bear in mind that its climate is extremely hot and humid. Often, the ambient temperature can go up to 40 °C, so it’s recommended to bring your most breathable clothes. If you’re a risk-taker, you’re also more than welcome to take this opportunity to try out new fashion styles. At Brazil, Rio Samba Carnival, visitors can dress however they like- or even go topless if they wished!

What Travellers Need To Look Out For

Of course, like any other trip, there are a few things visitors should look out for.

Above all else, festival-goers should beware pickpockets. Even though the presence of policemen has keep misconduct to a minimum, revellers are still caution not to bring any valuables with them except for what is absolutely necessary.

Another aspect travellers should beware of are the absurdly high accommodation prices throughout the week of the Rio Samba Carnival. As hoteliers know that this is part of the festival season, the rooms are in demand. I will suggest visitors can choose to book their rooms at their earliest convenience. It will ensure that they at least have a choice in where they’d like to stay, as opposed to booking at the very last minute.


Photography Tips For Rio Samba Carnival

If you’re an avid photographer, one of the challenges you’ll face is how fast-paced everything is in the festival. Everyone is constantly on the move and in a tight crowd, making it difficult to get good shots.

One of the ways to solve that is to ensure your camera is on all the correct settings before shooting. When a photo opportunity comes by, shoot first, and think later. After all, bad photos can be deleted, but good shots can pass you by within a second.

Must-Visit Brazilian Destinations

There’s no denying that the carnival is a perfect representation of all things Brazilian- lively, bright, and wonderfully riveting. However, there is more to the country than just the festival, and these amazing destinations will definitely not disappoint.

What’s a trip to Brazil without a relaxing day spent on the beach? Renowned for its gorgeous golden sand and alluring aqua waves, a lovely, quiet afternoon that you will like to spend sunbathing by the sea may just be the perfect contrast to the loud, cheering crowds of the carnival later at night.

If the beach isn’t your kind of scene, perhaps one of Brazil’s most famous sights would sound more appealing. Regardless of your faith, the Christ the Redeemer statue is a sight that you simply can’t afford to miss. Besides being a symbol of extreme cultural importance, this monument is also one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Don’t miss this year’s celebrations at Brazil, Rio Samba Carnival! It’s sure to be a unique experience, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be back again next year for more of Brazil’s signature blocos and groovy samba tunes.


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