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Fujifilm XT3 Project

Located in the middle of the Norwegian Sea, the Lofoten Island gives an appearance of some sky dragon lying in the middle of the sea; the beauty of the island can be personified like this because it seems as if everything on this island including the island itself has a life in it. Despite being secluded in a small piece of land anchored in the sea, it has become a popular tourist destination because of its staggering beauty and awe-striking landscape.

It’s time for you to give wings to your imagination and let us take you through the tour of this island. The island offers a liberated landscape of magnificent mountains, fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches. Located on the Norwegian Sea, this is an ultimate fishing spot. Fishing is also one of the reasons why people have inhabited this place, the island is known for its small fishing villages. You can enjoy old fisherman’s cabin and eat stockfish in Rorbu, this stockfish is prepared from spawning cod and forms the base for many local delicacies.

Lofoten Island

Reine, Gimsoya, Leknes, Svolaer, Hamnoy are some places on this island that you should not miss if you have come all this way.

Let’s start our journey to this mystic island by halting in Reine, a place that is known for red fishing cabin also known as rorbuer, which are present at the edge of the sea and beautiful cliffs rises in the backdrop like a picture perfect painting. Make sure you chomp on some coffee and cake at the café near Reine church. Let’s move on to our second spot, Hamnoy. The city is an emblem of a mix of modern architecture and beauty of fjords which looks like pearls beaded in the string. When you come here don’t forget to divert towards the village of Ferdvang to enjoy scenic beauty. Your next destination should be Austvagoya island which is home to Henningsvaer town which has a picturesque harbour, cafes; don’t forget to visit the climbers café, the cakes of this café are scrumptious and the electric ambiance adds to the excitement level.

Apart from the unforgettable nature’s beauty, the Lofoten Island is a hub for many sporting activities and its diverse landscape corroborates this. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, scuba diving, water rafting etc. Hence, the place is a one stop shop for anything and everything a tourist is looking for. From lip-smacking and tongue tingling food, scrumptious cakes to scenic beauty and mystifying bliss of nature, Lofoten Island is a private sanctuary for you to take a break from your mundane life and rejuvenate yourself in the arms of nature. Make sure the next time you plan a holiday, Lofoten island tops the list.

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