Saving Antarctica from Climate Change through The Antarctic Cruise
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Saving Antarctica from Climate Change through The Antarctic Cruise

Voyager to the Rescue: Saving Antarctica from Climate Change through The Antarctic Cruise

For years, the rapid warming of the Earth due to different man-generated activities continues to worsen. This led to climate change, which became one of the most pressing concerns that we have today. It becomes even more alarming because it severely affects Antarctica, which is the fifth-largest continent which contains 90% of Earth’s freshwater ice. According to Dr. John Turner, the highest temperature rise on Earth over the past five decades has been found on the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches from the continent toward South America.

The glaciers, along with the wildlife and thriving species in the continent, will disappear if climate change continues. Aside from that, the impact of climate change on the Antarctic can affect the rest of the world. As the ice melts, the water stored in there can increase the sea level. The risks of this event are not just limited to the Antarctic region, but to the rest of the world as well.

We need to act even in the simplest ways that we can to save the world. For someone like me who loves traveling and exploring, I joined a 14 days Antarctica expedition cruise. It was a journey like no other. I was always used to just traveling and experiencing different cultures on land. But this cruise helps me to realized that traveling for a cause is important, we should change our behavior and compensate for the harm that we created.

Through this blog, I’ll share with you on how this journey has help me widen my knowledge about the existing phenomenon, while I am enjoying myself at the same time. Who would have thought an expedition cruise tour, can also contribute to the Antarctic research?

Saving Antarctica from Climate Change through The Antarctic Cruise

Cruise Ship in Antarctica

How can the Antarctic Cruise be a Traveler’s response to Climate Change?

Climate Change, a threat to wildlife

The impacts of climate change are beyond the ice and glaciers of the Antarctic. According to the British Antarctic Survey in 2004, the number of krill have been declining. Krill are little, shrimp-like crustaceans that play a vital role in the Antarctic food web. If sea ice melts and disappears, krill will no longer have their feeding and breeding ground. Moreover, it’ll affect others as well. Penguins that are also inhabiting in Antarctic are also feeding on krill. This will affect the population of the penguins and this will leads to decline in number or even worse, they may become extinct. If we cannot resolve this immediately, Antarctica will most likely be ice-free in years to comes.

This trip has taught me a lot of significant things. Seeing how the place have changed over the past years was certainly an eye-opener for me. We can help by raising and promoting awareness to the world. People should know the implications and effects of our actions so that we know how to discipline ourselves by reducing carbon emission.

Bellingshausen Station

First trip to Antarctica in Dec 2016 – Bellingshausen Station (Photography by: Joseph Mak)


Antarctica Bellingshausen Station

Bellingshausen Station Antarctica in Dec 2017 (Photography by: Joseph Mak)


Bellingshausen Station Antarctica 2018

Bellingshausen Station Antarctica in Dec 2018 (Photography by: Joseph Mak)


Antarctic Cruise, a scientific journey

I find the two weeks expedition cruise is different from other tours that I had before. It was perfect for travelers, thrill seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and environmentalists. But before anything else, you should decide when is the best time that you will visit Antarctica. The activities you can do and the places you’ll see depends on the particular month of your cruise. For example, snow covers most of the land if you go there from October to December. The penguins will be laying their eggs during this time of the year. During December to January season, there will be a lot of interactions between the adult penguins and their chicks.

The following are some of my most unforgettable destinations during that 14-days Antarctic Cruise.

·      Antarctic Peninsula

The 800-mile land and ice extending towards South America are overwhelming for most tourists joining the Antarctic Cruise. The ice and snow are covering the mountain tops, which is an amazing sight to see. Icebergs in deep blue waters are of different shapes and sizes. This part of the continent has been the breeding ground for different wildlife species like penguins and seals. With a picturesque landscape and view, both amateur and professional photographers can surely enjoy it.

·      Drake Passage

It is a spot where the Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Seas meet. Crossing Drake Passage may be exciting for thrill-seekers. But it sure isn’t very pleasant for others who are not into rough currents.

·    Deception Island

The ring-shaped island is located near the tip of the Antarctic peninsula and it is formed by a caldera of an active volcano.  It has an abandoned whaling station with giant iron boilers and tanks. If you’re like me who loves exploring historical monuments, you will surely enjoy it with the companionship of penguins.

The three places that I have mentioned above are just some of the must-see unique places during the antarctic cruise. It all depends on the weather if you are lucky to make the landing and visit these sites. If you do, you will love them like I did. I was amazed by the beauty of these places that I forgot all my worries back home and at work.

Frei Station Antarctica Peninsula

Frei Station, Antarctica Peninsula

Antarctic Cruise Uniting Science and Tourism

To ensure the survival and preservation of the Antarctic, the Antarctic Cruise has been the middle ground where science meets tourism. It has been a constant argument whether if tourists visit can disrupt and create adverse effects on thriving species. However, through the Antarctic Cruise, there is now a partnership between scientists and private sectors. International Association of Antarctica Tour Operator (IAATO) is an association that organizes and conducts travels to the Antarctica. They create and regulate the rules for the safety of both the tourist and the species in Antarctica. Profits generated by the Antarctic Cruise from tourism, fund the scientific research and explorations. Therefore being a part of this expedition cruise tour, you support not just the integral partnership of science and tourism, but also the Antarctica preservation.

I always believe in the power of education and cooperation. It is our responsibility as stewards of creation to protect what nature bestowed to us. To do so, we have to educate ourselves and others to make everyone understand that each of us has a responsibility to carry out. You can also take part in your little ways, by reducing the carbon footprint. Joining the Antarctic Cruise may also help to contribute to the research fund and you are able to understand and promote awareness. Be a Climate Change Ambassador.

Together let us save the Antarctic from climate change!

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