Top 5 Most Underrated Cities in the World
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Top 5 Most Underrated Cities in the World

Where are Underrated Cities in the World

Did you know that there are underrated cities that aren’t known to most people but have natural beauty and attractions? These understated cities in the world deserve more credit than what they are currently getting. They have promising geographies to offer not only for locals but also for foreigners travelers. These top 5 most underrated cities in the world are different from your usual list of places to visit for that summer or winter vacation. Due to the fresh and exciting activities these cities offer to tourists, they are rapidly turning into famous tourist spots garnering more attention bit by bit.

Porto in Portugal

Top 5 Most Underrated Cities in the World



One of the top 5 most underrated cities in the world is Porto in Portugal. It is the second-largest city located in the coastal area, Northwest of Portugal. Porto is a vibrant city that is briefly becoming one of Western Europe’s most respected destinations for tourists. Considered to be one of the understated cities in the world, it has been attracting tourists for years because of its appeal to travelers.

Porto comprises exceptional tourist attractions, lively nightlife, and tourist facilities for an inexpensive price. Several places you may visit are The Ribeira District, the oldest district of Porto in Portugal. While taking your morning stroll, you can have a quick view of the ancient houses and labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets in the city. You may also opt to go to the Douro River if you want to have a boat tour. For travelers who love wine, it is a must to try a glass of the famous refined wine from the Port Lodge.

The perfect time to visit this place is from May to October. However, the peak season is from June to the end of August. It is the best time to relax on the beach and unwind. You can also have your sightseeing and day trip in Porto during spring and autumn for bright and sunny weather.

Lisbon in Portugal

Top 5 Most Underrated Cities in the World

Lisbon, Spain


Next on the list of the top 5 most underrated cities in the world is Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal.

This place has been attracting tourists from diverse ages even though it is one of the understated cities in the world. It has a variety of activities you can try. You will also be amazed by the deep-rooted heritage and extensive history of civilization in Lisbon. This is a perfect stop if you are looking for cultural trips, nightlife extravaganza, family holiday, or a relaxing vacation.

The perfect time to visit Lisbon is in late spring (May- June) when the days are bright and sunny. Warm temperature is tolerable; hence, you may visit close beaches for tanning, and you can play outdoor games with your friends too. A lot of tourists are spending their holiday in this place at this peak month. Hence, you must expect a large crowd during this period.

Visiting Lisbon will not cost you a lot since food, drinks, and transportation are inexpensive. This is ideal for a budget-friendly holiday for you and your family/friends.

Tallinn in Estonia


Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. It is one of the perfect places to spend your holiday on. It is one of the oldest and well-preserved medieval city or Hanseatic town center in the world. The locals have nurtured and taken good care of the gifts this place offers for anyone seeking a place to rest.

Tallinn is one of the understated cities in the world, yet thousands of tourists are visiting this place during the summer season. This is due to its rich history, which should never be forgotten by this new generation. Also, there are sandy beaches nearby where you can enjoy while observing the overlooking iconic cityscapes. The greatest time to visit Tallinn is during the summer or between May or September.

It is at this time that they celebrate their significant events such as festivals, which is a must-try experience!

Urumqi – Xinjiang in China

Urumqi is the largest and capital city of Xinjiang in China. This city is uniquely claimed to be the most inland major city in the world that is farthest from any ocean. It has a unique geographical feature and vibrant culture that pave its way to becoming one of the most famous tourist spots in the country.

Urumqi offers exotic and vast landscapes where you can begin your hike going into the neighboring Tianshan Mountains. This mountain comprises beautiful terrains, lakes, and glaciers that are similar to the Alps.

You may also include on your list the famous Uyghur Regional Museum that contains the historical Caucasian artifacts and mummies. Next is The International Bazaar, where you can buy gifts and souvenirs before going home as a remembrance that you’ve been to Xinjiang in China.

The perfect time to visit Urumqi is between May to October. The popular time for tourists to visit this place is from July to October since it is the perfect time to harvest the grapes in the vineyard. Lastly, if your goal is to enjoy the scenic view of this place, it is best to visit during the summer season.


Bucharest in Romania

Top 5 Most Underrated Cities in the World

Nightlife of Bucharest


Bucharest in Romania is the capital city. It is the center for most commercial businesses in Southern Romania. Bucharest is sometimes overlooked for its Western neighbors and is included in the list of understated cities in the world. This place has a valuable history that is well preserved by locals. Hence, it slowly paves its way out to become the hottest destination in Europe. Bucharest has the world’s most prominent parliamentary building of any kind in the world. This place has also been rock climbing its tourism, particularly to travelers who want to try fresh activities.

It has a hidden gem located in every corner of the city, such as street arts and a fairytale-like castle of Dracula. Thus, if you are into adventure, this place will be perfect for your getaway. Moreover, the best time to go to Bucharest is in April until October or during spring and early autumn. Summer is not an advisable time to visit since it tends to be overwhelmingly hot during these days.

Visiting one of the understated cities in the world has a lot to offer. You will spend less money (but not always) from your lodging, trip, and food. Get to experience exotic places that are unusual from what you are naturally born to. Off-the-radar destinations will allow you to discover innovative culture and history that is far from the famous destinations you’ve always known. Visiting these top 5 most underrated cities in the world will give you a fresh feeling of experience and travel.

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