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Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour: 8th Nov 2020 - 18th Nov 2020


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Are you the type of person who likes exploring rare and less-traveled places? Then, the Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour in China is perfect for you. Known as the most charming fishing village of China, Xiapu is in the northeast part of China’s Fujian province. Xiapu is an enchanting estuarine getaway, offering mudflat sceneries and traditional rural life. Like a painting, entering Xiapu is like stepping back into time.

Due to the pleasant seawater temperature and plenty of sunshine, Xiapu mudflats are rich in kelp, laver, oyster, and yellow croakers. Locals living along the beach are mainly engaged in marine culture. They use bamboo poles, fishnets, and stone columns that are in the mudflats to dry a variety of marine products. As the sun rises and sets, the tide rises and falls, the bamboo poles, fishing boats, and fishnets form various spectacular sceneries.

Xiapu’s Rustic Charm

Xiapu, China, is not the typical tourist spot that most people will want to visit. Still, for photographers who are looking for a subject matter that is simple yet unique and very natural, this place will be their haven. This is due to the fact that this location is not as known as the other places in China like Shanghai and Beijing. Hence, you’ll get a “one of a kind” photo.

Xiapu is also the location for a lot of award-winning photos. With its unique seascape and stunning mudflat, various newspapers even featured some of these photos. This place is not as civilized compared to other cities of China, but that’s what makes it more extraordinary. So, if you want to experience a trip that is mundane yet very unconventional, book a trip with us now! Let us discover and dive into another rich culture and tradition, while capturing the best shots through this Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour.

UNUSUAL EXPEDITION‘s trips are well known for accomplishing a lot in just a few days. In this Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour, we pack a lot of content with different themes in a single trip. This workshop is like no other. Both beginners and professional photographers will surely enjoy and learn a lot from this unusual journey. However, locations shot each day are dependent on daily weather and lighting conditions. So, pack your bags and get your camera ready because you’re in for another adventure!


The whole duration of this trip will be eight days. The following are the itineraries and activities we have prepared for you.



We arrive in Fuzhou in the evening and will proceed to make our way to Xiapu. This is our first destination in our Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour. Then, we will check into our hotel and spend the night here. This is your chance to meet your fellow expeditors, and ask our friendly instructors any questions you might have.


DAY 2 to 7 – XIAPU

Welcome to the famous Xiapu, China! We will spend five days exploring this area.

Bei Qi and Xiao Hao Beach shoot 

We will start our Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour by doing a sunrise shoot at Bei Qi beach. Beiqi is an ideal place for sunrise photography. The small fishing village features a fishing port and fertile mudflat beach that faces the never-ending sea. So, prepare yourself for a stunning seascape and truly spectacular sunrise!

In the afternoon, we will make our way to Xiao Hao beach. Here, you will be able to shoot the locals at work as they labor on the beach, capturing scenes of fishing out in sea and harvesting seaweed along the shores. This will give you a glimpse of what the local’s livelihood is and how they do it every day. We will stay for the sunset as well.

Wei Jiang, Dong An, and Sha Jiang shoot

The next day, we rise early to photograph the sunrise at Wei Jiang. Wei Jiang or Mantou (steamed bun) Hill is treated as a sacred place of sunrise in Xiapu County. Once you step onto the mountains, you will be transfixed by the boundless mudflats that reach to the horizon, and the stunning view of the mudflats “dyed” by the rosy clouds. You can also expect to see egrets in the sky, and the mantou-shaped hill in the distance.

We will also spend some time shooting the Dong An and Sha Jiang fishing villages. Here, you will be able to capture the traditional Chinese way of life as locals go about their day, working in the sea. During this time, many fishing boats will dot the horizon. This will make for lovely, postcard-esque photographs.

Sha Tang Li Beach

On another day of our Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour, we rise early again for a morning shoot at Sha Tang Li beach. This beach is famous for its spectacular sunrises, painting the vivid sky hues.

In the late morning, we will transfer to Yang Jia Xi village to shoot bayan trees. Here, you will have the chance to shoot the late morning sun streaming in through the thick foliage of the trees, creating rays of light that make for dramatic photographs.

After lunch, we make our way for Yan Tian, where we will shoot the Yan Tian Bridge as well as the “sea gypsies.” Yantian is an autonomous village of She minority. She people are called the “sea gypsies” because they lived on the boats from generation to generation. The busy harbor of Yantian Bay and the evening fishing lights constitute a strange landscape of Xiapu.

Hua Zhu and Dong Bi Village Shoot

This will be the last two destinations on our Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour. We spend the morning at Hua Zhu village, a wonderful site to shoot sunrises. Unlike other spots in Xiapu, the sunrise here is softer, highlighting the surroundings in a beautiful golden glow. You will also be able to shoot the Fuyao Archipelago that peeks through the morning mist – one of the most spectacular sights in China.

Lastly, in the afternoon, we make our way to Dong Bi. Dong Bi village is an excellent place for sunset, enhanced by the large fishing nets used by the villagers, glinting in the twilight sun. You’ll be able to grab some awesome silhouette shots of the locals finishing up their day, against the ‘S’ shaped patterns in the flats created by the receding tide.

Meals: (B,L,D)



So, that ends our exploration in this Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour. We check out early in the morning and make our way to the airport for the flight home. This is the end of our expedition. We hope that you enjoyed the trip, and you somehow learn a thing or two from us. If you wanted to relive the experience, you could always book the Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour again for another trip!

Meals: (B)

(Exact photography locations will depend on weather conditions.)



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Guide Tips – USD$15 per day

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8th Nov 2020 – 18th Nov 2020


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