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The best photos don’t just happen. In taking the best shots, it doesn’t only require a high-quality camera. You also need a good subject matter to top it off. In this case, you need the best view and landscape. If you’re all for those picturesque sceneries, then Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour should be in your bucket list. Join this adventurous road trip and discover the lands that inspire the legend of Shangri-La. It’s a wonderful place that no one who visits will ever forget.

On this journey, you will travel through a breathtakingly beautiful region that spans the Tibetan regions of Sichuan. Xinduqiao in China is a land where myth and reality intertwine. The snow-capped mountains are named after gods, and where clear, glacier-fed streams tumble through forests of Mongolia. If you are new to photography, this Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour will help you get good photos. Meanwhile, if you are a professional, you will surely create the best shots!

Sichuan Culture

This wonderful site has it all, culture, beauty, and a taste of an alternative way of living that is an anathema to the fast-paced, combative way the west has embraced. A trip to Xinduqiao is, in many ways, like time travel. Hence, little has changed in the architecture and life that you could be looking at Tibet from years ago. Not only is this Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour perfect for photographers, but it is also for people who want to discover the culture of a unique ethnic group. You can also enjoy hiking activities and try their unique local foods. So, no more excuses! Book a trip with us now and let us witness more jaw-dropping views through this Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour.

UNUSUAL EXPEDITION’s trips are well known for accomplishing a lot in just a few days. We pack a lot of content with different themes in a single trip. If photography is just your hobby or if it is your expertise, no worries because it is for both amateurs and professionals. This Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour and workshop is like no other. However, location shoots each day are dependent on daily weather and lighting conditions. So, get your gears ready and prepare to be amazed. We are in for a journey!




We will take a late evening flight from Singapore, and upon landing, we will transfer to Chengdu Airport Hotel. This will be our first destination in our Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour. We will check-in here and spend the night so you can rest up for the expedition.


DAY 2 to 6

This is the official start of our tour. Early morning, we will depart for the famous old tea houses of Cheng Du, where you will get to experience a traditional part of Chinese culture that is still alive today. Think locals relaxing in bamboo chairs as they smoke, watch TV, play cards, and Majiang, whiling the day away.

For the highlight of our Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour, we will then take a 5-hour drive to Xinduqiao, China. Xinduqiao is a picturesque, small Tibetan town that is famous for its plateau pasture scenery with vivid green grassland, streams, mountains, as well as the Tibetan counting houses surrounding it. It is often called the paradise of photographers due to the beautiful natural light and stunning landscapes, particularly during the Autumn season.

Ten Mile Gallery- Xinduiqiao

Xinduqiao, China, has an iconic ten-mile gallery, which is a paradise for photographers. It is a vast grassland with natural lights where both cattle and sheep are scattered. You will surely marvel at this sight! You can also enjoy the view of Mount Gongga, especially during sunrise.

The best month to visit is during October, which is the season of Autumn. A golden light will seem to cover the landscape, which will enhance the view more.

Photography locations will depend on weather conditions.

Meals included: (B,L,D)


This is the last day of our Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour. We will depart back for Chengdu via Xinduqiao. It will take us two days to reach Chengdu. However, it will not be a boring trip. En route, we will visit some villages and monasteries that speak of a different time. You will get to witness a starkly different way of living, set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

This will end our exploration in Xinduqiao, China. This tour is undoubtedly worth the expenses and the time you spent. The experiences and learning doesn’t and will never end here. If you wanted to revisit this place, you could book with us again, or you can also check the other trips we offer aside from this Sichuan Xinduqiao Photo Tour.

Photography locations will depend on weather conditions.

Meals included: (B,L,D)

(Exact photography locations will depend on weather conditions.)



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Tour guide

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All meals as stated in itinerary


Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Return International Air Ticket

Return Domestic Air Ticket (If Any)

Guide Tips – USD$15 per day

Driver Tips

Any Private Expenses

Room Service Expenses

Porter Services

Visa Fees (If Applicable)

Beverages / Alcohol Drinks during Meals

Personal Travel Insurance (Compulsory – Self Purchased)

Photography Setup Fee (If applicable)


8th Nov 2020 – 18th Nov 2020


Twin Sharing with Same Gender, Single Room (With Additional Single Room Supplement)


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