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Joseph Mak, a Singapore Travel Photographer, the founder and CEO of Unusual Expedition. He is also a Fujifilm X-Photographer with Singapore Fujifilm.

He has travelled more than 40 countries and guided nearly 100 tours as a travel photographer, imparting his knowledge and skills to his protégés, many of whom have followed him repeatedly in his expeditions, hoping to get that momentous unique signature shot and to advance their skills.

Joseph Mak. the experienced travel photographer spear-headed and conceptualised Unusual Expedition, a photography tour company that brings photography enthusiasts to the most exotic locations throughout the world.

Joseph’s interest in photography began in 2009. After attending a photography course, he continued to improve through  exploring various photographic techniques, reading, research and experimentation to enhance the technique of his photography.

Starting from landscape photography, he explored street and outdoor portraiture photography, extrapolating the different techniques to produce interesting travel photos. His philosophy as a Singapore travel photographer was in capturing the perfect moment with maximum details, thus requiring minimum post-processing of images.

Joseph is known for his artistic and dynamic travel shots that had inspired many to follow his footsteps. His images had won many accolades, of recognisable mention being the PSA and FIAP awards.  His remarkable images of the highlights of Norway were featured in a joint collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in a photo exhibition. He also published a photo book on Israel in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy, and hosted travel photography talks and conferences to share his knowledge and experiences.

Joseph is also a food connoisseur and often includes partaking local delights with his charges in good restaurants. Oftentimes in selected Michelin-starred restaurants during his photographic travels, making his tours unique. He is also not averse to chilling out to local art and music scenes during his tours. Comfort and safety are hallmarks of his trips.

His enthusiasm for travel photography compels him to travel an average of 250 days a year.  As a travel photographer, some of the exotic locations he has covered, include The Arctic, Antarctica, Svalbard, Vanuatu, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kamchatka, in addition to the usual favourite photographic regions in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

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