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Joseph Mak, is guided by passion for both photography and traveling. He enjoys discovering many of the greatest vistas around the world, and sharing that experience with others to capture the beautiful landscapes via the lens of a camera.

Joseph’s guiding principle is to “Respect the work of others, so that people will respect you. At the same time, at the same place, we will take wholly unique photographs, because you and I possess a unique purview on the world. Everyone has a different perspective of things, and each views the same subject matter differently. That is the joy of traveling and capturing the moment.”


Images Crafted By Joseph Mak

About Me

Joseph Mak

Joseph is a Travel Photographer, and he is also the Founder and CEO of Unusual Expedition. He is guided by his passion in photography and traveling. He does tour leading in groups and coaching for private photography tours.

Phone: +65 91018626
Facebook: josephmak70